What is the meaning of Tally? What Is The Purpose Of A Tally Course?

Tally is one of the accounting software or a program, it can easily create the reports automatically. also, it can possibly display your concern accounts. tally solutions are the company that owns this software program, head office located in Bangalore. Tally ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning ) is the abbreviation of this program display.

In the market, tally software is the sole kingmaker in ERP software, because of its user-friendliness. Both businesses and individuals can use this software to keep tracking its financial passbook of their concern.

Tally software in the current scenario is the most important for companies to maintain their ERPs. Because it's possible to maintain all its transactional records of their concerns if their employee count is more than 10.

Features of tally ERP software

Tally software has a lot of advanced features like GST filing, the printing of checks, analysis of the ratios, comparing the old and current reports, companies' financial flow of cash. etc,.

Its operation speed is robotic, it's able to take a print of your statements as you periodically, the software is very flexible and easy to use. By comparison to other ERP software in the market, it is best in journal entries. also in other ERP software their required minimum codes to execute, but in tally software no-code platform. Tools in this software are very simple to use.

Learn tally course:

Tally course is the most important career development course to work on tally software. For this course, tally certification is provided from tally solutions. The course is basically in 4 categories Tally Ace course, Tally pro course, Tally guru Course, and GST course.

The best tally training institute in Trichy provides all these courses with authorized certification. For the syllabus just reach their website.

Tally Course Syllabus

  • User Interface and Company Management Masters

  • Ledgers

  • Groups – Masters

  • Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger (Masters)

  • Voucher for Payment

  • In Tally, create a daybook.

  • Bills are pre-assigned.

  • Voucher for Receipt

  • Journal Voucher and Contra

  • Tally ERP Cheque Printing

  • Inventory masters

  • GST (Value Added Tax) (GST)

  • GST-Included Purchase Voucher

  • GST-Included Sales Voucher

  • Returns and Payments for GST

  • Tally Features for Billing

  • Processing of Purchase Orders

  • Processing of Sales Orders

  • Notes of Credit and Debit

  • Tally Bank Reconciliation

  • Tally's Price List

  • Credit Capacity

  • Transfers of Stock

  • Vouchers for Manufacturing

  • Details for each batch

  • Tally Re-Order Level

  • Calculating Interest (Auto Mode)

  • Optional Vouchers

  • Voucher Types

  • Class Point of Sale Scenarios

  • Tally Cost Centres

  • Cost Categories Budgets

  • Controls

  • Analysis of the Party Ledger

  • Reporting on Purchases and Sales

  • Stock Reports and Analysis

  • Reports on Cash and Banks

  • Sorting, searching and filtering

  • Financial Statements

  • Export, import, backup, and restore in several languages

  • Tally TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)

  • Tally Payroll Accounting

  • Finalization Entries

  • Tally Audit Data Synchronization Data Security

  • Printing Reports in Multiple Currencies

  • Shortcut Keys for Various Tasks

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