what is digital marketing?


Marketing plays a major role in our daily life, even with and without our knowledge. Most of them think marketing means giving offers & discounts and earning customers. Yes, this kind of marketing and advertisements are important in business, without sales business won’t survive. And there are many competitors in markets to show us uniqueness. For example, If I want to buy a mobile phone, I have so many choices in the market through a budget, specification, model, and looks. In this mean situation, I have to show me unique in this platform, So in this modern era I have to apply some strategy to stable my business, So I won't know who are all my target audience, and what’s their wants and needs, what are the ways and possibilities to reach them, here I have to do research and study to apply this strategy. Thiranz tech solutions

I want to know who all my major customers are and then I get some ideas, If my target audience are College students, the Internet is the main possibility to reach them, that’s why digital marketing plays a main role here. So, our target audiences are internet users, briefly, we discuss this digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a new era

Digital marketing is a virtual marketing campaign, you can market through the computer, laptop, and mobile. Here main target audiences are the young generation and internet users, we all know the future is digital, everything stepping into digital and so marketing. Before five to ten years only traditional marketing like TV advertisement, Poster advertisement, Newspaper advertisement, and Email advertisements are only there but after Jio company came to India the whole internet usage of Indian people are flipping into next level, 75% of people using the internet today and this the right and coolest way to reach them. digital marketing training in trichy

Social media marketing is the easy way to reach them, so these are some main virtual internet ads:

  • Google ads

  • Youtube ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Instagram ads

Google ads

This google is mainly a big company in the world and while you put ad through google and you will get some trust and reach among customers and they also doing web site marketing in SEO

Youtube ads

This is also most similar to google ads, you can put video ads by setup time and target audience by your own google ads cost, At the same time, you can put pop-up ads.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads targeted your customers and their locations and profile information and then you easily set up a budget and its customer reach based on budget.

Instagram ads

Here u can put image ads, video ads, IGTV ads, and sponsored ads, In this platform people using celebrities and influencers by giving them a paid partnership. Through this high level of marketing happening among teenagers

These are some kinds of digital marketing platforms majorly using to advertise their products.

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