The daily impact of the corona in India is worrisome : The scientist who predicted the 3rd wave is w

Former University of Hyderabad Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vipin Srivastava has expressed concern over the spread of corona in India. Dr. Vipin's concern is due to daily corona deaths. The death toll has remained steady since July 4, says Dr. Vipin. Dr. Vipin says corona exposure and deaths are high beyond official death rates. He thus warned that the 3rd wave would go into a bad state. He was the one who predicted that the Corona 3rd wave would hit the country on July 4th.

"The daily death toll has fluctuated dramatically since July 4," he said. These death rate fluctuations and fluctuations seem to have not settled the corona deaths for more than a month, ”Vipin Srivastava told the English daily. The death toll was adjusted in the official data during the first wave. The suspicion caused by the first wave corona figures is brighter than the cut in the 2nd wave. The death toll from the second wave increased sharply.

He added that the number of survivors from the corona was in the millions when the daily impact was in the millions, while the rate of recovery was in the thousands when the number of victims was in the thousands, according to government data. But in reality, the number of daily corona infections is much higher than the number of cured ones. As such, the mortality rate alone is around 500, and Dr. Vipin is skeptical of how this could be.

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