how to Prevent Any Negative Social Impact On Your Relationship by a Compatibility Check?

Updated: Aug 27

Marriage is not just a ritual. It is the first step in building a new society. Rishis and ancient saints were great scientists and astrologers. They have made a science called compatibility check that calculates the influence of planetary movements and energy in the universe on human life based on the time and place of birth. This topic does not develop in a day. It took several centuries, along with great concentration and observation of stars and planets and calculations of their motions. Each phase of life is always connected with the steps and movements of the world.

The Indian marriage system is considered one of the most effective marriage systems as it includes two people and their families. The system believes in the harmonization of two individuals for ultimate immortality. This system makes the husband and wife come closer to each other. The most important characteristic of a Hindu marriage is that it is irreversible.

We will teach you how to achieve a perfect compatibility check

Every marriage system comprises the major aspect of compatibility check and matchmaking, which is done at 5, 7 or 11 years. This not only avoids the clash of egos, but the peas also end up turning to various rashes. Jupiter and Saturn move with five or two deflections and therefore have a good Kona stithy (planetary angle), making mating more suitable.

But the current marriage system involves a small age difference of 1 or 2 years. Therefore any wrong interaction between Rasha will affect the relationship. For example, there will be some phases when husband and wife are aggressive and some other steps in life when both pass. . during the difficult phase. The indicated age difference of 5, 7 or 11 years ensures that one partner is aggressive at times, the other is calm and composed, and in many cases, similar when the two are balanced.

Transformation is an important part of life. Our study concluded that apart from the Guna Pontana custom, the western marriage compatibility system must also be considered. Therefore, we also track horoscope compatibility for marriage for a more in-depth analysis.

Dreaming for a harmonious married life? Try compatibility check today

Marriage reconciliation is very important for a fertile, harmonious and peaceful family. Since marriage is the foundation of a better society, it must be strong. And a healthy marriage depends on the character of the married people, which depends on their education and horoscope (called Kundalini). Therefore, the compatibility of peas (planets) called compatibility check is very important for a fruitful marriage.

God made man perfect by giving him a life partner who could change his life. The unity of society depends on the strength of marriage.

Divination of the birth of a daughter and son, or Kundli, compared before marriage. Considering the aspects of the natal chart is very important. There are a total of 36 in number, of which at least 18 points are required to proceed.

Jaati Determines the tendency of people to marry. As we know, there are four varnas, brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya and shudra. They show the spiritual compatibility of boys and girls and the influence their egos have on relationships. Therefore, a maximum of one point is awarded for this category.

Know which aspect is more important to follow through a compatibility check

Other than jaati let's check out what other aspects dominates your relationship:

Yoga: He identifies the person who dominates the relationship. It calculates interaction/attraction and marital equality. You might fall under some of these:

  • Nara means male

  • Vanachara is the term for wild animals such as lions, tigers

  • Chatushpada is the term for small animals like deer

  • Jalachara is the term for sea animals such as fish

  • Keetaka is said to emphasize insects

The character of the individual is determined by the nature of the animal he represents, and therefore the compatibility check is taken into account. A maximum of two points are awarded.

Tara: Tara is a birth star. Twenty-seven stars are starting with Ashwini and ending with Revati. It shows the whole life of the relationship. It determines how both understand and tend to each other. Three points are allotted here.

Yoni: Determines how husband and wife interact with each other after marriage. Connection and reciprocal rapprochement in relationships. Divided into 14 animals, namely cows, dogs, cats, mice, horses, lions, sheep, snakes, buffalo, tigers, elephants, deer, mongoose, monkeys. For example, if one is a cat and the other is a dog, it indicates constant fighting between them (the two animals are enemies). This category gives a maximum of four points.

Some other aspects impacting compatibility check and your married life

Now what else decides the fate of your married life? Have a look at:

Graha Maitri: It decides about horoscope compatibility check in family life, i.e. emotional compatibility, genuine friendships, bonds and ties within the family. It also shows the compatibility of the moon sign between the partners. He contributed a maximum of five points.

Ghana: Ghana shows temperament and behaviour differences in partners. There are three Ghanas: Virgo (God denotes sattva Guna - light, happiness and goodness), Manava (humans denote Rajo Guna - passion and movement) and Rakshasa (demon, denotes Tamo Guna - indolence and darkness). It shows the interpersonal relationship between the partners and their approach to saving and maintaining their relationship. Six points (maximum) are awarded by the element Gana.

Rashi: It is determined by the planetary positions of the boys in different houses about the natal chart of girls. It is a sign of love and emotional bonding in marriage. The twelve zodiac signs are considered a dating service, and marriage is approved between compatible signs. It is also called Bhakoota and gives a maximum of seven points.

Nadi: This has to do with the physical and mental health and reproduction of partners. It is said that people with such pulses should not marry because children can face physical and mental problems. The three nadis are Aadi Nadi (Vata), Madhya Nadi (Pitta) and Antya Nadi (Kapha). This is the most important thing in matchmaking because it contributes a maximum of 8 points.

The compatibility check is given utmost importance to deal with marriage problems

Not without reason, it is said: "Love is the greatest force in the universe". Can you imagine a world without the magical power of love? Is it impossible, right? Pets play a very important role in human relationships, so it appears as a topic that people are always looking for good answers. But to decipher a love spell, there is nothing better than astrology. It is not just guessing on obscure concepts. Planetary science is based on a logical and thorough study of the basic qualities of each planetary sign and influence.

It gives us a good idea of ​​the comfort factor between individuals and how many wavelengths coincide. Based on compatibility, which you share with others. Check your compatibility to understand this aspect very well and find out who is the enemy, who is just a friend, and who is "more than a friend".

Marriage is an intimate bond and equal partnership between a man and a woman. God the Creator created man in the form of a man and a woman and introduced the idea of ​​marriage, a sacred union, between these two beings. According to Vedic astrology, people turn to astrologers to match bridal horoscopes and check their compatibility. This process is also known as Kundli Milan or Guna Milan.

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