How to Perfectly Roll A Joint

Weed is being smoked by people for decades, and it never slowed down. Weed was illegal to smoke and still is, but after the law was passed to make CBD products legal, weed has also picked up the pace. The sad part about weed joints is that they don’t come readymade like cigarettes, and you have to do all the work to enjoy the experience.

Weed doesn’t have health benefits like CBD products, but weed can take you away from every tension of the world, and weed is best for this job. The only thing stopping you from enjoying weed at its full potential is a joint. To fully gain the experience of smoking weed, you will need a perfect joint.

Numerous brands in the market sell pre-rolled joints for your convenience, but they are often expensive. Even if you can afford joints regularly, why not learn to make the joints perfectly? In this blog, you will learn about how you can make joints as you see in dispensaries in custom pre roll labels.

If that sounds interesting, let’s hop into it.

1. Prepare Your Weed:

You can’t add weed to the joint in its original form, and you will need to go through a process to make the weed smokable. Grab a clean rolling tray that will work as your workstation. It will be great if you have access to a grinder because the grinder will break down any sharp-ended leaves.

Put a few mugs of your favorite strains in the grinder, and the quantity of the flower will be according to your preference. You don’t have to bring the weed in powder form, you need it in-between too bulky and too fine.

After you are done grinding the weed, you can go through the weed and remove any stems and break any sharp-ended leaves that can ruin the joint by tearing the paper.

2. Pack It Properly:

This is the most vital part of enjoying the experience of weed. You can have the perfectly grinded weed, but what if the joint open while smoking? You won’t like it. When you buy pre-rolled joints from a dispensary, you will see that they use a plastic cap at the bottom that keeps the joint in shape. You can use this tool while filling the joint.

If you have a cone but not a straw, you can use something thin and long like a chopstick to fill up the joint evenly. Filling the joint with weed without thinking about spaces left behind can ruin your whole experience.

A perfectly rolled joint will ensure that the weed burns evenly and the taste doesn’t drop anywhere in between. Put a small amount of cannabis at the bottom to build a base for the rest of the weed. If you don’t do this, then the weed will come together at the bottom and eventually break the joint.

3. Twist It Shut:

Now that you have the weed inside the joint, the time has come to close the joint. The top portion of the paper should be left empty so that you can properly seal off the cone. Twist it with your thumb and pointer finger in one direction so that you have a nice poking wick at the end waiting for you to light it up.

Twist it tightly enough that you can see a wick. Ensure that you don’t go too hard while twisting because it can cause breakage, and the weed will come pouring down on you. Also, don’t make the joint too tight because you want air to pass through.

4. Light and Enjoy:

Now that you have your joint ready and assembled, now comes the best part, to smoke the joint. You would have done a great job by now, so pat yourself on the shoulder.

Now lay on your back, light up the joint, and see it taking away all the tension and negativity. Light up the wick, and leave it for a few seconds to properly reach the weed. If you notice that a part of the joint is not burning, then no need to worry because it is common. You can fix this by re-lighting the joint.

Ensure that the products used for making a joint like cannabis, rolling tray, and cones come from a reputed dispensary.

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