How To Enable WPA2 Security In Fritzbox 6490 Cable AC Router?

During Covid-19, the whole country was Lockdown, due to which everyone had to sit in their house. So in such a situation, everyone has to do online work sitting at home such as office work, online classes of children, providing lectures, and many more. For all this work a stable and better Wi-Fi network is required which can provide a Wi-Fi network to more than 10 devices. Then, I will suggest you can use the Fritzbox 6490 router. Because it delivers the ultimate wireless network surrounding the home. With this, wireless network you simply connect more than 10 networking devices and enjoy the network. The Fritzbox 6490 cable AC router comes along with 1300 Mbps wireless speed with 5 GHz & a 2.4 GHz frequency radio.

The Fritzbox 6490 router has built-in fast internet with DOCSIS 3.0 that absolutely boosts the network. You enjoy the wired network with 4 x Gigabit wired LAN, 2 x USB 2.0 ports. This port is established in the back panel and provides the facility of a wired network. If you wish to login into the router then you need to fritz box anmelden. Because without a register you can’t successfully log in to the account.

Mind-blowing features of the Fritzbox 6490 cable AC router

The Fritzbox 6490 wireless router has a wireless access point that is compliant with network standards like IEEE 802.11ac, n, g, a. It also comes along with 802.11ac wi-fi network standard. These networking devices have mind-blowing features, which are as follows.

Provides wired wi-fi network facility

The Fritzbox 6490 router provides the facility for the wired networking device. This networking router has the Gigabit LAN port on the back panel that is usually helpful for the wired networking device. If you have game consoles, desktop, 4K HDTV, or other devices that have no option wi-fi network. Then it cannot connect to the Fritzbox 6490 cable AC router in a wireless way. For this, the Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports provide the optimum facility for the wired networking devices. You ordinarily use a network cable and then connect your device to the fritzbox network name in easy-manner.

Optimum for printer & Storage Device

The Fritzbox 6490 wi-fi networking router is an optimum and mind-blowing networking device for the printer & Storage device. Although, this networking device has 2.0 USB ports that are an accurate way to the NAS & printer. Many printer & NAS devices require a Wi-Fi network then you usually use this fritzbox. You can locate it in the back panel of the Fritzbox 6490 router and then commonly find out the 2.0 USB ports. While using the USB cable, you have to join your printer or network-attached storage device to the fritzbox. This connection is very simple & effortless. Just simply apply the cable into the USB port and then the connection is ready.

Compatible with Wireless network standard 802.11g, & a

The Fritzbox 6490 WLAN AC router is widely compatible with all types of network standards and performs optimum. It is seamlessly compatible with wireless network standard 802.11g & a. But this Fritzbox networking router comes along with 802.11ac network standard. This network standard is regularly faster & stronger. On the other hand, the 802.11ac network standard is three-time faster & more capable than the 802.11ax network standard. While using the 11ac network standard the wireless network absolutely raised.

Without wires installation

The Fritzbox 6490 AC router installation is simple and convenient. Because in this installation no wiring is required. Just simply plug the Fritzbox 6490 router into an available working and power receiving power supply. And then power is turned ON while using the Fritzbox 6490 power button. This button is also located on the back panel. Smoothly press this button and then the power is turned ON.

Some things to Enable WPA2 Security In Fritzbox 6490 Cable AC Router

If you wish to enable the security encryption then you have to perform http fritz!box 6490 login. Because without login to the Fritzbox you can’t enable the security encryption. In the given below, there are some things to enable the WPA2 security.

Login the Fritzbox 6490 cable AC router

To enable the security encryption, you can use the default login IP address and then get the login page. But for this, you should need a web interface. Your computer/laptop has many web interfaces. You can select any interface and then enter the default login IP. Afterward, the login page gets it.

Using wireless encryption option

After getting the login page, you seamlessly log in to the fritzbox while using the username ID & password. Then, utilize the wireless security encryption and then enable the WPS 2 security in a hassle-free manner. After that, your fritzbox router absolutely protects from the outsider & malware.

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