How to create a simple blog for free and earn money?

How to create a simple blog for free and earn money?

Here you looking to create a blog and earn money? In this article, we can give tools and software which support making your own blog and the easiest way to earn money from Google and Facebook.

Not only Facebook and Google are giving money for your blogging. Backlink providing, Affiliates, business ads manually are also looking for the best blog to promote their service and products. Here we mentioned a good blog, which means a blog with good traffic. Let us see first how to create a blog and tools for support

How to start your Blog?

how to start your own blog

Blogging is the most important thing to the internet because static websites are not given all those information. But day to day users looking for information by using the Internet. So Search Engine like Google needs data or information about all quires of their users or customers.

For this purpose, they introduce the tool called Google Blogger. If you open, if the right top there is a login button, near to that the nine dots are called Google Apps Shortcuts If you check that, there is an option called blogger. This is a blogger by google. This is very easy to use and user-friendly like google other apps. You can log in and create your blog, Blog design is predefined so you can choose your templates provided there. After choosing your domain (free or paid), your template of the blog is displayed and created. There is an option to create your post, you can post your content and publish your article. Content designing is very easy if you have knowledge of word(MSOffice). Similar to that Article designing panel is Google Blogger.

Create your blog using CMS:

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System. Nowadays if called a website builder. Before 10 years Joomla Weebly is the best blogging CMS platform. But nowadays a lot of cms website builders is top of the market, there we mention some platforms top of the market, there we mention some platforms

Start your blog using WordPress:

Start your blog using WordPress

WordPress is the dominant website builder in the market 10 out of 7 websites and 9 out of 10 blogs are designed in the WordPress platform. But if you learn WordPress site designing is not user-friendly. But if you learn WordPress course. It is very simple. Then why it is not easy means, Wix you can easily design without learning anything, you are using google and YouTube without any technical knowledge, as like WordPress you won’t work without technical knowledge. Log in to WordPress and there you can publish your article similar to Google Blogger. But designing your blog using Lacks of templates available on the Theme Forest website. You can able to publish your article with a free domain with a WordPress extension. / But you can design your blog after you purchase a domain / hosting your Admin panel is open by

Create your blog using Wix CMS:

Create your blog using Wix CMS

Wix is one of the upcoming website builders to dominate the internet market. Very user-friendly simplicity to design etc is the advantage of Wix. The main two disadvantages are backing speed and no template can support you to design your blog. The only possibility to design your blog is by refer your impressive blog and make your design on your own in Wix editor. Create your Account in Wix, then choose to create your website option, choose the template of your website c blank templates id better. Then in the tools click start blogging, then in the dashboard, you can post your article.

As we said above, create a blog is a simple step, but you have to hunt for Articles too. Let us discuss how to Create your Articles.

How to create an article for blogging?

How to create an article for blogging?

In this world, everything is needed for everyone. If you going to move you can purchase some fords to your budget. If you are ill you need medicines. If you have to plan for the investment you can choose Sharemarket or recurring deposits. Why is saying this example means for anyone they need all those data. So you can create blog content on which topic you know or are familiar with.


  • Evergreen Topics

  • Unique.

  • Write about what you know.

  • Clear exploring the topic with Images.


  • Trending topics.

  • Copy content or Article Spinning.

  • Don’t refer to other blog content.

  • Don’t write as your reference data

  • Not much than 3000 words.

How to create blog content with SEO?

How to create blog content with SEO?

Doing SEO is to getting traffic for your website or blog. You can increase traffic by Share your Article on social media, guest-posting, backlinks, etc. But those all expect SEO, you need to work heavily. but that all can be temporary, but once make your content with SEO technique your content gets more traffic.

If you don’t know how to write content with SEO techniques, you can follow the steps we said here.

  1. Choose your title with the question why, how, do you know, what is

  2. Use (H1) in the first 100 words And important is 1(H1)in the article .H1 is the mini title tag

  3. Use 7 (H2)tags with longtail keywords

  4. Use 3 Image or more (alt)tag must be a keyboard

  5. Keyword density (No of time use keywords in content)must be high, not less than 10.but content with keywords is important.

  6. Get some backlinks for your Article from Related Articles.

Note: How to choose a title for your blog is will giving in another article” Link Here”

How to write your blog content Unique:

It is very simple, you can write because the readers not booking for your fluency of English or your language. They need simple English to understand easily. It gives you some tips to write content. Before that, you can develop your English language by reaching only. Login to google docs, to create your content, you must enable Grammarly Extension on your browser. Because Grammarly tool has been removed your spelling mistakes and grammatical error etc. Also having some more alternative tools for grammar error check but the Grammarly was user-friendly.

If you don’t have sufficient English knowledge you can use google translate .write your content in your language and translate to English by google translate. Now your article is ready.

How to earn money online by blogging?

The two important monetization providers are Google and Facebook. First, we see how to earn money on the Facebook first thing you need is a Facebook page for your blog/website. Then you have to apply for monetization on Facebook. But there are some Terms and conditions for approval. You can apply fr monetization on Facebook by Facebook Instant Article. The terms and conditions for FB Instant Articles,

  • Facebook Page age more than 2 Months.

  • Need page likes more than 500

  • Post 30 to 40 post

  • Share your article as past on Facebook

  • Like, Comment, Share must happen on your any some post

How to apply for monetization on Facebook Instant Article will be given by Link “Check Here”

Let us see how to earn money by using Google Adsense. if your blog having minimum traffic you can easily get approval from google. Login to google Adsence using your mail id, then google gives some code on there, then copy and paste on your blog then give check option, the google will review your blog and they will approve your blog.

Terms for Approval

  • Website Age must 3 month

  • Need About us, disclaimer, Privacy Policy pages on sites

  • All these content must be unique

  • Site structure must be user-friendly.

How to get another write Articles for your Blog?

How to get another write Articles for your Blog?

If you are often guest-posting in your blog, then others should provide you content for you, but you should give them a backlink. Any of your anchor text printing to their websites by link is said to be backlinks. You can offer guest posting that will get you more content for your blog.


Create blogging and earn money is very simple, but the thing is your content must attract an audience. Create a blog and post good Attractive content and then get approval from Google and Facebook, you can easily earn money bigger. But you need to be patient for one or two years. Good blogs do not build in a day.

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